Sunday, August 29, 2010

So I've been working non stop for a few days now and I'm awfully tired because my husband started his new job last week and he hasn't been getting home until 5am the past few days which wakes me up!
I'm glad that he's working now but I have hardly seen him and when I have he has been too tired to talk so has been sleeping alot which is a bummer because I really miss him and I'm getting kinda lonely.

Today though, he isn't working until later so we got to have tea together earlier which he cooked for me and we watched the 1963 film Summer Holiday which made me really happy because I love musicals from that era and Cliff Richard was hot back in the day I mean look at him...

Anyway, I get paid on Tuesday so I'm going to buy new lingerie and stockings and maybe some clothing for work because I am running low!! I also need to get some new foundation, I am used to Studio Fix by MAC but I have heard good things about Revlon PhotoReady so I may have to check that out. Also I could do with getting my bangs cut properly because they are already growing out and I don't wanna mess them up by cutting them myself.

Right I'm going to go watch TV and curl my hair,

Au Revoir.

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