Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doctor who?

I cant believe this is the first blog I'm actually doing about Doctor Who seeing as it is my all time favourite show!!

If you don't know what Doctor Who is then you have obviously not lived!

But yea, I've been listening to alot of music composed for Doctor Who recently and I realised I am so excited for the Christmas Special this year, I hate the months that seem to go on forever between the series and the specials and it couldn't come any quicker for me!
I am so glad they have decided to split the next season over the spring/autumn and winter for 2011!

I thought that I would give my own little review on Season 5 as I haven't yet and I would like to know other people's opinions on 'the new doctor' and the story lines etc etc.
Firstly, Matt Smith makes an excellent doctor. He brings his own personality and eccentricity to the role and I'm really happy with his performances as the 11th Doctor. I love David Tennant (I've met him) as does everyone else but it was his time to go for him and for the series and I'm glad Matt could fill his boots!
I'm also glad that River Song is growing on me, because in the episode 'Silence in the Library' I wasn't too keen on her, but then again that might have been because I was jealous that she may be the doctor's wife. I have since then got married so I can't be too jealous ha ha!
I have to say that Amy Pond (the new companion) hasn't fully done it for me yet, yes she is attractive and yes she is a good character and Karen Gillan is a wonderful actress but she hasn't got the flare that Donna Noble had!
Mind you though, things go on and I'm not saying that I wish all the old characters would come back because things change and I'm happy with the results.
This may have been because the story lines have been EPIC!
I am really glad that Steven Moffat has been the writer because I love how dark the episodes have been, he always brings the horror to an episode!!

On that note I would like to say that I do hope the next Doctor is Benedict Cumberbatch because he was amazing in Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor have an eccentricity about them which Benedict played perfectly and I'm sure he would do just as good in Doctor Who. Plus, he just looks like he could be The Doctor!

Right, anyway seeing as I have rambled on for a while why don't you all tell me what you think about it all?

Au Revoir!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Movie night

So, you know I mentioned in a couple of my posts that a) I love musicals and b) Cliff Richard was gorgeous in his hey day? Well my amazing friend Jade Boylan and her lovely mum Joy knew this and saved up all the DVD's that starred Cliff Richard which came free with a few of last week's newspapers to give to me. Thank you very much my lovelies! So tonight I plan on watching as many as I can of these film's as I have not seen many of them. The films are as follows:
  • Summer Holiday
  • Wonderful Life
  • Serious Charge
  • Two a penny, and finally
  • Take me high
I'm really excited for my night in because I absolutely adore films and how they can change your emotions with whatever happens in them and the characters that you ultimately fall in love with.
I love having girly nights in on my own where I can pamper myself after a hard days work and watch some old movies.

On that note I'm going to love you and leave you so until next time,

Au Revoir!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Femme Fatale's and giveaways!

Okay so there is this fabulous Blogger who I check in with every single day, she is amazing and I love reading her stuff Va-Voom Vintage.
She is currently doing a giveaway competition where you have to name your favourite femme fatale from past or present. The prizes are fabulous as you can see!!

Now after much thought and consideration I have to say that my favourite Femme Fatale at the moment has to be the actress Christina Hendricks from 'Mad Men' as she just exudes sexuality and could easily make a man fall at her feet, she has a body to die for and has curves in all the right places and I personally think that young girls should aspire to be like her rather than these anorexically skinny models i.e Kate Moss.
She is just Fierce!! I mean see for yourself.

So anyway, please go and see the afore mentioned blog, it is amazing and I am so glad that there are other sexy curvy pin ups around for all your pin up needs!
Thankyou Brittany Va Voom Vintage for inspiring me and helping me out even though you don't know it!!

Au Revoir!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Handbags and Life changes

Wow, I'm terribly sorry I haven't posted in a week!! I've been so busy as I went back to my hometown to visit my family and to go to a wedding.
I got to see some lovely friends which was fantastic and the wedding was fabulous, even if it did rain alot of the time.
Anyway, I came home and have been working everyday so haven't had much chance to blog as I've been extremely tired. But I do have to tell you about some of the most gorgeous handbags I've seen recently. Now, Paul's Boutique has always been one of my favourite designer's of the handbag variety but recently I have seen more and more of these wonderful creation's. If you have never seen these bag's before then have a look at these beauties----->
I wish I owned one of these fabulous quilted wonders and if anyone wanted to buy me one then I would be much obliged.

I've been thinking about my life recently and with alot of my friends heading off to uni or doing new courses it really makes me contemplate what I should do with my life. My ideal job would be to own a vintage clothing and accessory store where I make my own bits and bobs. If anyone had any ideas on how to go about doing this then again, I would be much obliged for any help.
There is nothing of the vintage nature on the Isle of Man so I would be the only place and like my blog it would be called 'Loretta Jane's Vintage Boutique'. Ah, one can dream!

Right, time to catch up on some of my favourite shows.
Au Revoir!

Monday, September 6, 2010


So my friend is turning 18 on thursday and unfortunately I can't go out for it because I'm away for the weekend for my cousin in laws wedding so I asked her to come over for a girly night in as I won't get to see her otherwise.
We've eaten pizza, drank wine and watched Russell Howard and the film Weird Science along with lots of videos on youtube.
I've had an awesome time tonight, I haven't had a friend over to my new house ever so it's been nice to do something different for once.

I love 1980's films the graphics were amazing and the humour is so dry and witty, there just isn't anything like it nowadays which is such a shame because these films are legendary to name a few; Pretty in pink, The breakfast club, Weird science, Sixteen candles, Ferris buellers day off, Heathers, Lost boys etc.
I wish John Hughes were still alive even though the films he did in his later years weren't up to scratch I wish someone would do more like these beauties.
The clothing and hairstyles was also awesome in the 80's if I could live in any era in my twenties it would either be the 1950's or the 1980's!!

Anyway I'm abandoning my friend so I shall get back to the film and my girly night

Au Revoir!