Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So yesterday I got asked to be an extra in a new BBC drama that's set in the 1940's/1950's it's about the early lives of Morecambe and Wise and I get paid for it!
I am so happy its unreal I may be on tv which is fantastic and I adore acting and dressing vintage so it's perfect!

On another note, I spent alot of money on lingerie today. I bought 6 pairs of stockings in one go along with 16 pairs of knickers and a bra and a suspender belt so I am sorted completely for new underwear and it's all vintage style. I spent a fortune.

Now I'm watching 'Gentlemen prefer blondes' on dvd and painting my toenails the same colour as the TARDIS hehe!
Au Revoir!

Monday, August 30, 2010


You know I was talking about the musical Summer Holiday? Well, I'm currently watching a show called 'The 100 greatest musicals' on tv and it has made me realise how much I actually love musicals more than anything!
I could literally watch musicals all day everyday for the rest of my life. In fact, I could live in a musical if I was given the opportunity (not that that would ever happen but you know, we can dream).

Everything about musicals is fantastic, they make you feel every emotion you could possibly feel and they make you think about life and learn how to dream and go for your goals, they give you hope for love and the future and they make men realise that dancing and singing nowadays is still perfectly normal.

If I could ever be in a musical I would jump at the chance and I know that it would be the most wonderful experience and if anyone wants anyone to star in a musical then please let me know, I haven't got the most amazing voice but I can carry a tune and I'm always up for training .

On reflection, I've watched alot of shows that had a random musical episode and I can honestly say that I liked the musical episode more than the normal series i.e Buffy the vampire slayer, Scrubs, How I met your mother etc
If you ever feel down in the dumps watch a musical, it will make you so much happier and will make you want to dance.

Anyway, on that note I think I will sift through my dvd collection and find a musical to watch!

Au Revoir.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

So I've been working non stop for a few days now and I'm awfully tired because my husband started his new job last week and he hasn't been getting home until 5am the past few days which wakes me up!
I'm glad that he's working now but I have hardly seen him and when I have he has been too tired to talk so has been sleeping alot which is a bummer because I really miss him and I'm getting kinda lonely.

Today though, he isn't working until later so we got to have tea together earlier which he cooked for me and we watched the 1963 film Summer Holiday which made me really happy because I love musicals from that era and Cliff Richard was hot back in the day I mean look at him...

Anyway, I get paid on Tuesday so I'm going to buy new lingerie and stockings and maybe some clothing for work because I am running low!! I also need to get some new foundation, I am used to Studio Fix by MAC but I have heard good things about Revlon PhotoReady so I may have to check that out. Also I could do with getting my bangs cut properly because they are already growing out and I don't wanna mess them up by cutting them myself.

Right I'm going to go watch TV and curl my hair,

Au Revoir.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The male population

Okay, I'm going to have a teeny bit of a rant here.
One question that I need to ask is, Why don't men dress and look they way they used to?
If you look at men in the fifties you will see that most of the time they dressed very smart and kept their hair and clothes in check. I would love men to dress like this these days and also I would love men to treat women like ladies and look after us and pull our chairs out at dinner and open our car doors and dance with us.
I want men to be like they were in the movies!

Sorry, I know I shouldn't complain but I can't help it. I love my husband more than anything but sometimes I would love to be treated like the ladies in the fifties were.

Buddy Holly comes to mind!

Au Revoir

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Busy busy busy.

Sorry I haven't written in a while, my parents came over for a visit this weekend which was amazing because I haven't seen them in a month.
We spent time at the Manx Museum and we went to The Sound for lunch which was really nice, I got to show them the sights of the Isle Of Man and got to wave at the Fairy Bridge.
Unfortunately, they went home this morning so I've got to wait a few weeks until I see them again.

I've been working all day today and I am so tired but that didn't stop me making a full sunday dinner from scratch, which if I do say so myself was fabulous!

I get paid in about a week so with my money after bills have been taken out is going on some new stockings and a new dress for my cousin in law's wedding next month and maybe a sewing machine.
I want to make some new bits and bobs and maybe alter some of my clothes to make them more unique.

Anyway, time to read some Terry Pratchett!

Au Revior.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unexpected Kindness.

Well yesterday was just a normal day at work until a lovely woman named Fiona called in to buy some stuff after I'd recommended some goodies for her last time.
We got talking about the clothing I was wearing and about vintage styles and how much I loved the 1950's, Fiona told me that she does promotions for cafe's/bars and that she would call me if she ever did a 50's night/pin up and needed someone which was awesome!
We then got talking about the motown night on at the villa and I said how much I wanted to go to the Buddy Holly winter dance party next month Fiona said 'Why dont you go?' and I told her that I just can't afford it at the moment. The next thing I knew Fiona was handing me £40 for me and my husband to go, I told her I couldnt accept money but nonetheless she didn't back down. Thankyou so much Fiona if you are reading this but I need to give you your money back I really should not have accepted it at work I could have had a right mouthful from my boss if anyone had seen that.

On another note, today I baked a Rhubarb and Apple crumble for the first time ever and it was absolutely delicious if I do say so myself hehe
I love baking after a hard day at work, it makes me feel so calm and content!

Also, for some reason I've been getting so many compliments recently. I'm going to end up having a  massive ego by the end of the month!

Anyway I'm going to go put my hair in rollers and watch some Torchwood before bed

Au Revior!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So, today it was boiling outside so my husband and I decided to go to the beach in Peel, it was gorgeous we had ice cream and walked on the sand (which I haven't done in about 5 years). There were so many people at the beach it was crazy, but nice to see people so happy and building sandcastles and running into the beautiful blue sea. 
It made me think back to the 1950's and a video that is shown in the Manx Museum that my friend Jade showed me last week, it showed how many tourists we used to have over here and how jam packed the beaches were constantly, it also showed all the old tea dances they used to have and how gorgeous everything was way back when.

After we got back home from the beach and buying enough food from Shoprite as we could fit in our trolley and spending £90 on it all, we had a noodle salad for our lunch and i made a pineapple cheesecake (I have never in my life made cheesecake before and it was yummy!) we then sat outside on our front garden in the sun and I read the first 4 chapters of Dead Until Dark my first True Blood book, I know I'm jumping on the bandwagon of reading the books late but I've been reading 10 other books before this so it took me a while. 
Anyway, I spent about half an hour laid in the sun reading my book and drinking St Heliers Blueberry Cider (try it if you haven't already its gorgeous) then it got way too hot so we came inside and for some reason I had a nap for a few hours, I was exhausted with everything we have done today.

I'm now spending some time talking to my best friend Emma on Skype as we dont get to talk much anymore whilst I wait for the next True Blood episode to be aired online streaming from America.

Au Revoir.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Manx Royal Show

So today I went to the Manx Royal Agricultural Show in Sulby.
There were some amazing sights to be seen but yet the people couldn't seem to keep their eyes off me, it seems that people in the Isle Of Man aren't used to the vintage look but I'm not going to lie I loved the attention, it made me feel like a movie star.
The most amazing points of the show for me were the vintage cars and tractors, omg they were fabulous and I had to get my photo taken with some of them here you are:
 My husband also pointed out an amazing car called 'The Moriarty' it was gorgeous and ultimately reminded me of Sherlock Holmes and one of my friends Jade.

All in all we had a lovely day and the weather was fantastic now time to put my feet up and relax.

Au revoir.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Well hi there!

This is the first post on my new blog, I hope you will all like reading what I have to say!
I've been constantly reading about other people's lives and I love it and I thought that maybe someone else out there might want to know what I do or how I feel and what I like/dislike.

So here goes...
Firstly, I am so totally in love with charity shops...they will be my downfall.
The best one we have over here is Oxfam, my friend Jade and I go there now when we go to town and I seem to always find something amazing whilst we're in there.
I recently purchased 2 gorgeous scarves, a dress and a book for my husband about J.R.R Tolkein's world all for less than £15.00..I know bargain right?

I'm all for bargains, I would much prefer to get alot of things for hardly any money then spend £1000 on one item of clothing (don't get me wrong if I had the money I so would!)

Another of my fave places to shop is the wonderful http://www.ebay.co.uk it has everything you could ever want, for instance I bought this beauty last night it's a gorgeous handheld sewing machine for only 99p.
I am going to customize so much stuff with this gorgeous piece of machinery.

Also guys if you are ever strapped for cash and need some new furniture/clothes etc etc go onto this website http://www.uk.freecycle.org/ its a way for you to get rid of old stuff! Instead of throwing it in the skip it's a way of recycling and giving your old stuff that you no longer need to someone who does need it and vice versa! I adore this website and in fact have just today contacted someone who is giving away a dining table and chairs for free, I'm going to pick it up tomorrow.

Anyway I think I better head as my husband is on his way home and we are going to watch The Notorious Bettie Page on dvd.

Au Revoir!