Monday, August 30, 2010


You know I was talking about the musical Summer Holiday? Well, I'm currently watching a show called 'The 100 greatest musicals' on tv and it has made me realise how much I actually love musicals more than anything!
I could literally watch musicals all day everyday for the rest of my life. In fact, I could live in a musical if I was given the opportunity (not that that would ever happen but you know, we can dream).

Everything about musicals is fantastic, they make you feel every emotion you could possibly feel and they make you think about life and learn how to dream and go for your goals, they give you hope for love and the future and they make men realise that dancing and singing nowadays is still perfectly normal.

If I could ever be in a musical I would jump at the chance and I know that it would be the most wonderful experience and if anyone wants anyone to star in a musical then please let me know, I haven't got the most amazing voice but I can carry a tune and I'm always up for training .

On reflection, I've watched alot of shows that had a random musical episode and I can honestly say that I liked the musical episode more than the normal series i.e Buffy the vampire slayer, Scrubs, How I met your mother etc
If you ever feel down in the dumps watch a musical, it will make you so much happier and will make you want to dance.

Anyway, on that note I think I will sift through my dvd collection and find a musical to watch!

Au Revoir.

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