Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doctor who?

I cant believe this is the first blog I'm actually doing about Doctor Who seeing as it is my all time favourite show!!

If you don't know what Doctor Who is then you have obviously not lived!

But yea, I've been listening to alot of music composed for Doctor Who recently and I realised I am so excited for the Christmas Special this year, I hate the months that seem to go on forever between the series and the specials and it couldn't come any quicker for me!
I am so glad they have decided to split the next season over the spring/autumn and winter for 2011!

I thought that I would give my own little review on Season 5 as I haven't yet and I would like to know other people's opinions on 'the new doctor' and the story lines etc etc.
Firstly, Matt Smith makes an excellent doctor. He brings his own personality and eccentricity to the role and I'm really happy with his performances as the 11th Doctor. I love David Tennant (I've met him) as does everyone else but it was his time to go for him and for the series and I'm glad Matt could fill his boots!
I'm also glad that River Song is growing on me, because in the episode 'Silence in the Library' I wasn't too keen on her, but then again that might have been because I was jealous that she may be the doctor's wife. I have since then got married so I can't be too jealous ha ha!
I have to say that Amy Pond (the new companion) hasn't fully done it for me yet, yes she is attractive and yes she is a good character and Karen Gillan is a wonderful actress but she hasn't got the flare that Donna Noble had!
Mind you though, things go on and I'm not saying that I wish all the old characters would come back because things change and I'm happy with the results.
This may have been because the story lines have been EPIC!
I am really glad that Steven Moffat has been the writer because I love how dark the episodes have been, he always brings the horror to an episode!!

On that note I would like to say that I do hope the next Doctor is Benedict Cumberbatch because he was amazing in Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor have an eccentricity about them which Benedict played perfectly and I'm sure he would do just as good in Doctor Who. Plus, he just looks like he could be The Doctor!

Right, anyway seeing as I have rambled on for a while why don't you all tell me what you think about it all?

Au Revoir!

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