Saturday, September 25, 2010

Movie night

So, you know I mentioned in a couple of my posts that a) I love musicals and b) Cliff Richard was gorgeous in his hey day? Well my amazing friend Jade Boylan and her lovely mum Joy knew this and saved up all the DVD's that starred Cliff Richard which came free with a few of last week's newspapers to give to me. Thank you very much my lovelies! So tonight I plan on watching as many as I can of these film's as I have not seen many of them. The films are as follows:
  • Summer Holiday
  • Wonderful Life
  • Serious Charge
  • Two a penny, and finally
  • Take me high
I'm really excited for my night in because I absolutely adore films and how they can change your emotions with whatever happens in them and the characters that you ultimately fall in love with.
I love having girly nights in on my own where I can pamper myself after a hard days work and watch some old movies.

On that note I'm going to love you and leave you so until next time,

Au Revoir!

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