Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh dear.

Well, I must say I apologise sincerely for not updating in so long..I've been working non stop recently but have finally had a day off today and another tomorrow.
So, today I put on one of my new vintage dresses and went to the tailors up in Laxey. The woman there was extremely helpful and she is taking in my 50's evening dress for only £15 which is amazing considering its quite a difficult job due to the detailing around the waist and bust. She had some amazing outfits that she had made for sale and one that caught my eye is an amazing vintage inspired winter dress that looks like a mixture between an evening dress and a winter coat with its gorgeous fur trims and button details, believe me it was fabulous.
I'm going to have to take my friend Jade to see the work she does it is inspiring and although the clothes are quite expensive (because they're specifically made to your measurements and requirements) I think I may have to get myself something when I next get paid.

Tomorrow I am spending the day with Jade so I may take a trip to the charity shops and see whats on offer as I love bargains and the charity shops in town are like little treasure chests full of fabulous things.
I tend to do all my shopping on ebay and in charity shops with the odd bits and bobs bought on the high street because I like my vintage wear and its easy to find on the internet. Speaking of which I bought a gorgeous cocktail dress which is 50's inspired by Holly Willoughby, she has some amazing designs and I was lucky to get one for quite cheap you can find her clothing on Very. The dress is quite low cut in a satin material, it's a lovely purple colour with a black bow on the waistband and it comes just below the knee in a loose pencil fitting. Just gorgeous!

Anyway, I'm going to venture to the land of nod as I am ridiculously tired and I have to get up early to talk to my darling sister as I've not spoke to her in over a month!

Au Revoir!

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