Thursday, September 16, 2010

Handbags and Life changes

Wow, I'm terribly sorry I haven't posted in a week!! I've been so busy as I went back to my hometown to visit my family and to go to a wedding.
I got to see some lovely friends which was fantastic and the wedding was fabulous, even if it did rain alot of the time.
Anyway, I came home and have been working everyday so haven't had much chance to blog as I've been extremely tired. But I do have to tell you about some of the most gorgeous handbags I've seen recently. Now, Paul's Boutique has always been one of my favourite designer's of the handbag variety but recently I have seen more and more of these wonderful creation's. If you have never seen these bag's before then have a look at these beauties----->
I wish I owned one of these fabulous quilted wonders and if anyone wanted to buy me one then I would be much obliged.

I've been thinking about my life recently and with alot of my friends heading off to uni or doing new courses it really makes me contemplate what I should do with my life. My ideal job would be to own a vintage clothing and accessory store where I make my own bits and bobs. If anyone had any ideas on how to go about doing this then again, I would be much obliged for any help.
There is nothing of the vintage nature on the Isle of Man so I would be the only place and like my blog it would be called 'Loretta Jane's Vintage Boutique'. Ah, one can dream!

Right, time to catch up on some of my favourite shows.
Au Revoir!

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