Saturday, September 18, 2010

Femme Fatale's and giveaways!

Okay so there is this fabulous Blogger who I check in with every single day, she is amazing and I love reading her stuff Va-Voom Vintage.
She is currently doing a giveaway competition where you have to name your favourite femme fatale from past or present. The prizes are fabulous as you can see!!

Now after much thought and consideration I have to say that my favourite Femme Fatale at the moment has to be the actress Christina Hendricks from 'Mad Men' as she just exudes sexuality and could easily make a man fall at her feet, she has a body to die for and has curves in all the right places and I personally think that young girls should aspire to be like her rather than these anorexically skinny models i.e Kate Moss.
She is just Fierce!! I mean see for yourself.

So anyway, please go and see the afore mentioned blog, it is amazing and I am so glad that there are other sexy curvy pin ups around for all your pin up needs!
Thankyou Brittany Va Voom Vintage for inspiring me and helping me out even though you don't know it!!

Au Revoir!

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