Monday, September 6, 2010


So my friend is turning 18 on thursday and unfortunately I can't go out for it because I'm away for the weekend for my cousin in laws wedding so I asked her to come over for a girly night in as I won't get to see her otherwise.
We've eaten pizza, drank wine and watched Russell Howard and the film Weird Science along with lots of videos on youtube.
I've had an awesome time tonight, I haven't had a friend over to my new house ever so it's been nice to do something different for once.

I love 1980's films the graphics were amazing and the humour is so dry and witty, there just isn't anything like it nowadays which is such a shame because these films are legendary to name a few; Pretty in pink, The breakfast club, Weird science, Sixteen candles, Ferris buellers day off, Heathers, Lost boys etc.
I wish John Hughes were still alive even though the films he did in his later years weren't up to scratch I wish someone would do more like these beauties.
The clothing and hairstyles was also awesome in the 80's if I could live in any era in my twenties it would either be the 1950's or the 1980's!!

Anyway I'm abandoning my friend so I shall get back to the film and my girly night

Au Revoir!

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  1. I agree! One of my favorite things to do is to curl up with some snacks and watch 80's movies! I love 80's Darryl Hannah movies like Splash and High Spirits (hilarious!) xoxo