Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ode to John Hughes

Okay well you all know my love for 80's films specifically directed/written or produced by John Hughes so I thought I would do an ode to him with this post.
My favourite John Hughes films are as follows:

Pretty In Pink - A film about Andie Walsh who is considered one of the 'poor kids' at school, falls in love with one of the rich, popular boys Blaine McDonough. When Andie and Blane try to get together, they encounter resistance from their respective social circles. Andie's best friend Duckie is completely in love with her but jokes about it around her. It's a bit of a love triangle with laughing, crying and a tad of disappointment. I adore this film and it is one of my favourite's but it never goes just quite how I want it too.

The Breakfast Club - Basically 5 kids get put in Saturday detention for one reason or another and they have to spend the whole day in detention writing about who they think they are. The group are really different and all have their stereotypes but soon come to realise that they aren't just how they act at school. I love this coming of age movie because you get an insight into different points of view and it makes you realise that no matter who your family are or your friends or how popular you are at school you can still beat the stereotype and be who you want to be. I think this film is fantastic and I 100% recommend watching it even if its just for the dancing scene.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Ferris Bueller bunks off from school for a day with his best friend and his girlfriend and gets into all sorts of jams and creatively spends the day avoiding his school dean, his jealous sister and his parents. I like this film because it's different from the others. Ferris speaks directly to the camera about all his thoughts and feelings and I like that interaction with the audience. One of the best John Hughes films' by far.

Sixteen Candles - Sam Baker has just turned sixteen but in the midst of her sister's wedding and grandparents coming over her family totally forget and don't even say it too her. Sam spends the day at school and even her friends have forgot. Needless to say she is devastated by this and her day gets even worse when she slips a 'sex quiz' to her friend but her high school crush Jake Ryan picks it up unbeknownst to her and her best friend. Sam is truly upset with this because it reveals that she is still a virgin and saving herself for Jake. Sam also has to put up with a younger geeky kid following her around all day and constantly hitting on her.
Again, I love this film it's funny, heartbreaking, and happy all in one and you should definitely watch it.

Weird Science - Two geeky, unpopular high-schoolers find that they are unlucky in love so one night whilst watching the movie 'frankenstein' they decide to make a girl of their own 'Lisa' she's gorgeous and magical and the boys adore her and she completely turns their worlds upside down in some hilarious antics. This film gives hope to geeks allover the world that one day they will be successful in love and if they aren't well you can make a woman can't you?
Watch this film and you will not be disappointed.

And finally,
Some Kind of Wonderful - Tomboy Watts has always considered Keith Nelson her best friend but when Keith asks out the most popular girl in school, Watts realises that her feelings are more and that she has always been in love with him. I can't go any more into detail of the plot otherwise I will give away the ending but it is a wonderful twist and you need to watch this film with is truly heart warming!

So there you are, some of my favourite John Hughes films of the 80's. My advice is to watch all of these films and then you will understand my love for all things John Hughes.
I think that films are amazing they can make you have so many emotions and can change your way of looking at life. I love films that do this and I can safely say that all of these films do and I am so grateful that John Hughes made these films come to life like he did. I admire him so much and I would love to be able to change lives like he has in so many ways.

John Hughes. 1950 - 2009

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