Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friends and Family

I've had a wonderful weekend this weekend. My friend Emma and my parents came to stay and it's been lovely!

It was Emma's 21st birthday yesterday so we went out for the evening and got very dressed up in wonderful cocktail dresses.
I wore this lovely dress with some fabulous purple shoes and some beautiful costume jewellery, my friend Emma wore a fantastic Vivien of Holloway dress with some seamed hold ups I bought her and a necklace I also bought her for her birthday and my friend Quinn wore a very elegant red dress that I gave her with some stunning wedges and ruby red lipstick. We had an amazing time and we danced to abba and lots of 80's music. It was just fab!

This evening my parents made us all a very early christmas dinner as I wont see them until after January and it was very very yummy! I also got to open one of my christmas presents which was a lovely set of pj's and some slippers. I love them!

I just love that I've had such a good weekend and I'm very happy at the moment.
I'm also doing a mini photoshoot for my college project research tomorrow which I'm looking forward to.

Anyway, time to carry on watching Sherlock.

Au Revoir!

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