Friday, November 5, 2010

Pin Up's and Photographs

Hello Guys and Dolls!
I sincerely apologize for my absence recently, you see I have been quite busy with my Photography Course and also helping out my favourite Social Network PinUpLifestyle.
I have been recruited to the PinUpLifestyle Army and asked to recruit new members to this fantastic website, run by two amazing people. I have been sent on tasks and so far have messaged about 10 people but I wanted to make my recruitment message go out to alot more so I posted on my blog in the hopes that the word will be spread and we will get alot more pin ups to join us!
PinUpLifestyle is a place where people from all over the world interested in all things pin up whether you're a model, photographer or even just a fan you can join and share you're knowledge and ask for help on just about everything!
The guys and dolls over at the site are wonderful people and although I haven't spoken to a heck of a lot of them, the ones I have are just delightful and if you think you have a stupid question they don't make you feel stupid and to be honest, it's just like one big happy family!

So spread the word, join us at this fabulous network and if you could message/add me on my page to let me know that my message worked, I would be much obliged!

Thank you everyone for reading!
Au Revoir.

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  1. This seems like my kinda place, I shall be sure to check it out right away! :)