Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Round bellies and Exciting news!

Hi everyone, I'm not going to apologise for being a bad blogger as I do this every post so you already know how sorry I am...
I am going to update when I feel I have something to say about my life/loves etc.

So with that in mind I would like to show you how big I am already and I'm only 17 weeks 4days pregnant.
Taken at 16 weeks (please ignore the washing pile in the kitchen)
I have been in maternity bottoms now for over a month as they're the only bottoms I seem to feel comfortable in.
I love vintage fashion but I cannot find anything cheap that still looks good from the vintage/repro world. If you have any advice please let me know!!

On another note, I had an antenatal appointment yesterday and I got to go to the hospital where I will be having my baby for the first time. I have never seen so many expectant mothers in the same room in all my life and all at different stages of their pregnancy, it was quite a sight!
The maternity wing of the hospital was lovely, all the nurses we're so helpful and talkative and everyone just seemed happy and so nice so I felt very at ease. I went with my mother in law as my husband started a new job on Monday and couldn't come along to this appointment so I thought it would be nice if his mum came as she is unbelievably excited about our baby.
We had a scan first and they confirmed my baby's final due date is the 13th August and the sonographer had a look to make sure that the baby is growing well and then she had a look to see if we could see the sex of the baby, now the sonographer isn't 100% sure and will confirm at my next scan at the end of the month but she's a girl!!!!!!
So I'm gunna have a beautiful baby girl which I am so so excited about. I'm obviously trying not to be majorly over excited because it might not be a girl but still.

So here is the latest pic of our baby girl, she yawned on the scan and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life and then she started sucking her thumb, I love her so much already!
17 weeks and 3 days ^__^

After we had the scan I had some blood tests in the main part of the hospital, it was very strange...the hospital is so different from any Ive ever seen before, it looked like an airport departure lounge with the seating, shops, cafes etc and you couldn't even see where the corridors were to get to the actual wards of the hospital, I ended up having to ask directions at the help desk.

On another note, I am so glad to be back home with my mum and dad and all of our family/friends. I feel so much better knowing Ive got such a big support system for our first baby and everyone is so excited to welcome a little one into the world.
I think my mum is the most excited as she's turning the spare room into a nursery for the baby which we're hopefully going to get started very soon because I love to decorate and am very excited to do some nesting.
Anyway, I am rambling on so I'm gunna go watch some TV with my mum and talk about our plans for the nursery.

Au Revoir everyone!

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