Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kicks and Smiles

So on Tuesday, I had my 20 week scan at the hospital and they revealed that we are having a baby girl ^_^ which obviously I am very excited about, she will be called Lily Rose Lomas when she pops out hehe.
Straight after the scan, my mum and I couldn't resist but do a bit of shopping and we ended up buying the cutest girly clothing in the world.

I also bought Lily's pram last Friday which will be delivered by Mothercare to my mums house a few weeks before Lily is born. It's a Travel System which means that it comes with a car seat that you can attach to the pram for when the baby is newborn and still use the pram without it.
I really like the pram because its mainly black so it means buying accessories for it is alot easier, it has an adjustable handle so if my mum was pushing it she could have it lower than I would.
It also comes with a rain cover which as you should know, will come in very handy for those wet days.
I am very chuffed (happy) with my purchase as it was only £120 for all of it including free delivery to our house.

We nearly have everything we will need for when Lily is born already as my mum and auntie went a bit mad and bought mountains of clothes, nappies, bath stuff, wipes, etc and my mum also bought a baby bath and a bouncer. We got a moses basket for free and Rob and I have bought the sheets/covers for that and I got a changing bag free from Boots so we are pretty much covered the only things left to get now are a changing mat, breastfeeding tools and some more bibs.

I am really looking forward to being a mum and I know Rob will make an amazing dad, he already talks to Lily every day when he gets home from work and she's started responding to his voice by moving alot more and kicking alot when he talks.

Anyway, I am just chattering on so I will love and leave you for now but no doubt I will be nattering on about Lily in all my posts for the next few months.

Au Revoir!

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