Sunday, February 20, 2011

So long, farewell!

Okay so as you may have read, I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with my first ever baby! eeeek so exciting!
As we have alot changing at the moment I haven't been able to update my blog as much as I'd like however, we are moving back to Sheffield, UK to be with our family at this exciting time! We have packed everything up today and we sail on the ferry to Heysham this evening and will drive back to our hometown.

I am going to miss living on the Isle of Man and most of all I'm going to miss my best friend over here Jade Boylan, she has been so lovely to me these past 8 months and made me feel so welcome (plus we have an incredible amount in common and she's a fantastic shopping buddy!)

Jade and I met up on Friday to say our goodbyes and have one last lunch at the Alpine and one last shopping day.
As it's my birthday on 22nd Feb, Jade had bought me some lovely presents which she just so happened to take photos of!
Lovely Gift Bag, perfect pin up!!
Very excited about my new presents!
Gorgeous Presents!!

I want to thank Jade lots and lots for my fantabulous presents, they are beautiful and Jade has made my time on the island very memorable and I'm uber grateful!! 

Will be back to update you within the next couple of weeks once we have settled in back home!
Au Revoir!

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