Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crafty fun times

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have decided to make alot of my Christmas decorations or alter ones that we buy.
My package from Hobby craft didn't arrive until earlier this week so I haven't had much chance to start my decorations. I have so far done a wreath and I plan to do some more on Tuesday and Wednesday when I'm off work.
I am also buying my Christmas tree on Tuesday and I'm really excited as it's very pretty already and as I'm going for a silver and gold theme I need to spray the green baubles I already have to match my colour scheme.

In other news, last night I accompanied my friend Jade  to the Festival of Trees at the Isle of Man airport where she had made a fantastic Lego tree for the festival on behalf of Alliance and Leicester. All of the trees were lovely and you can read about them on Jade's blog post from today.
I really enjoyed myself as we got to listen to the choir and drink wine and eat mince pies which was lovely to do.

Also, on Tuesday evening I am going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again with my husband and Jade as they both haven't seen it yet and I would very much like to see it again. I will be posting a review after watching it a second time as I would like to get it fresh in my memory before advising what I felt about the latest instalment of the Harry Potter films.

Anyway I'm going to watch Sweeney Todd with my husband before bed.

Au Revoir!

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