Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holidays are coming

Again, I do apologise for being a very bad blogger but I have been quite busy recently with some personal stuff which I will disclose at a later date for you!

But, as today is the 18th December it means that there is only 1 week until Christmas is here and I am very very excited!! It will be my first christmas where I actually make the whole dinner and lay the table for my family which I am terrified of doing because I have never cooked a turkey before.

How lovely!!
On the upside, my present from my mum came two days ago which I am also very very happy about it is a Brother XL2620 Sewing Machine and it is a beautiful piece of machinery, see for yourself!

I love Christmas, I love going to Midnight Mass on Christmas eve, I love opening presents with the people who mean everything to me, I love the films and tv programmes that cover the entire TV world and I absolutely love when it snows on Christmas day!

Today is actually a snow day over here on the Isle of Man, I've never seen snow like it over here and to be honest I've not encountered snow like it in a long time, our car has actually dissapeared under a thick white blanket. I love snow days where you can stay inside nice and warm and go and make snow angels outside and have proper snowball fights, its like being a child again! Fantastic!

Anyway, Im going to spend the day with my husband in bed watching tv and playing in the snow!

Happy Holidays!!


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